Notes for older versions

I strongly suggest to always use the latest version.

upto 0.52 beta

only on Windows Vista jpg files can be set
(Windows 2000/XP: bmp and png(?)).

upto 0.51 beta

Add <path to jre>\bin to the PATH environment variable,
preferably at the beginning.

(Starting with the bat file or java.exe
Inspect the bat file, adjust the full path to a jre installation (its better to write the full path than just javaw) and then try to run this bat file. When the bat file works you may uncomment the pause command with rem.
    Starting with <path to jre/bin>java[w].exe should be never a problem. You may also start it with <path to jdk/bin>java[w].exe but then you also have to add
<path to jre>\bin the PATH.)

Starting by double clicking the jar file should work always.

Starting with the exe
Make sure <path to jre>\bin is in your PATH variable (as described above).
If this still doesn't work you may still try to

edit the lap file: Uncomment the line\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07

and adjust the jre path

upto 0.4 beta

he program only changes the wallpaper "on the fly" without changing the filepath set in the Windows registry. This means that sometimes the wallpaper gets reset: espescially after hibernations and restarts.

0.3 beta

If necessary modify in WebWallpaper.bat and/or WebWallpaper[.lnk] the full path to your java[w].exe file. I recommend to write the _full_ path and not only "java[w]". You need at least a jre 1.6 version — see requirements. Then double click one of the above files.